Human Meds: A... Human Meds: A Cure or Curse for Pets

Even though it seems like you are doing the right thing but giving your dogs medication straight from your medicine cabinet but it is not always the best decision for your pet. You should never give your dog medication without consulting his veterinarian. It is important that the vet first assess the problem and find [&hellip

Strange Cat Calls! Kitten-cats-18565791-1024-768

Have you ever sat and watched your cat before? If you so might pick up on a few peculiar behavior traits of your cat and wonder why she does them! Cats can be pretty silly animals sometime, and they do a lot of things that are pretty hard to explain. However, there are some pretty [&hellip

Good Boys Heel! 200358462-001

Taking care of a dog can be a pretty dubious task for some dog owners. Obviously it heavily depends on the type of dog you have, your own personality, and the environment in which the dog will be living, but at the end of the day the responsibility of taking care of a dog is [&hellip