The Hair Scare 91VRLOXMr9L._SL1500_

If you have a dog who sheds frequently you know just how hard it can be to clean up all the pet hair in your house so nobody’s allergies flare up. It seems like an impossible task that has to be done every day in order to ensure that there is no pet hair or [&hellip

Meds for K9s:... Closeup of a Dogs tongue and Fangs

In case of a crisis, it is acceptable to give aspirin to your own pet. But it’s not something which you need to do without the acceptance of your dog’s veterinarian. It’s not a thing that you’d wish to give to your dog on a regular basis to help manage his pain. The same goes [&hellip

Human Meds: A... Human Meds: A Cure or Curse for Pets

Even though it seems like you are doing the right thing but giving your dogs medication straight from your medicine cabinet but it is not always the best decision for your pet. You should never give your dog medication without consulting his veterinarian. It is important that the vet first assess the problem and find [&hellip

Bonding over Illness Bonding over Illness

Just like humans dogs can get diseases and conditions that are unbearable for them to stand. In many cases these diseases and conditions can be treated with medication. Conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and pink eye are all conditions that both humans and dogs can obtain. Arthritis can be a painful condition in both [&hellip

When the Benefits... When the Benefits Outweigh the Side Effects

Just like humans dogs can get diseases and conditions that are unbearable for them to stand. In many cases these diseases and conditions can be treated with medication. Conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and pink eye are all conditions that both humans and dogs can obtain. Arthritis can be a painful condition in both [&hellip

Puppy Vaccination: Lots... Puppy Vaccination: Lots of Love and Security

Getting a new puppy can be a really exciting time for everyone in your family. Making sure he has plenty of food, a warm place to sleep, and lots of love are extremely important things to remember when taking care of your new puppy. Another important thing to remember is that your puppy is going [&hellip

Biting the Bully Biting the Bully

If you are a dog owner you know how important it can be to keep your dog healthy. Another priority may also be for you to give them something to chew on so you do not have to worry about them chewing up your shoes or your other household belongings. Bully sticks are an awesome [&hellip

Dog Friendly Summer... Dog Friendly Summer Treats

If you have a dog you know how important it is to keep them healthy and strong for as long as you possibly can. There are many medications, vitamins, as well as foods that can help your dog live a long and healthy life. Like humans, dogs have the tendency to face health issues regarding [&hellip

When He Can’t... When He Can’t Keep It Down

No pet owner wants to see their best friend in any kind of pain. Your pets are a part of your family so when they become ill it can be devastating to the entire family. Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason, and nobody wants to see their best friend suffer. So when [&hellip

When The Beast... When The Beast Hides Behind the Beauty

Many animal lovers want to take their love for animals to a whole new level. While other people are simply okay with having a dog or a couple of cats. There are some animals that the standard pet owner would cringe at the thought of ever owning one. Exotic animals can be fun, unique, and [&hellip

Making Life Puppy... Making Life Puppy Friendly

Getting a new puppy can be a really exciting time for you and your family. Any new addition to a family can be a fun and exciting time. It can also a bit stressful especially if you have never purchased a puppy before. There are many things that you will need to prepare for before [&hellip

Treating Your Dog... Treating Your Dog With The Right Medicine

Keeping your dog calm and safe is your primary responsibility when it comes to being a pet owner. Sometimes dogs can become out of control or anxious there has to be a remedy for it. If you are taking a dog on a long car ride and they grow scared and anxious, you will need [&hellip

Acepromazine: The Risk... Acepromazine: The Risk Factor

Anybody who has a dog or any pet for that matter knows how important it is to keep them healthy and strong. You never want to put your pet at risk by giving them any type of medications that might do them more harm than good. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from arthritis pain, [&hellip

Picking The Right... Picking The Right Kind Of Pet

No matter what kind of dog you have you probably love it as much as your children. It is a part of the family after all and you must treat it as such. However, sometimes dogs, depending on their breed, can become dangerous, even violent towards family or strangers. It is best to look out [&hellip

Choosing Between Big... Choosing Between Big And Small Dogs

Even if you have a really big dog, I am sure you would do anything you could to keep him/her safe. You probably take your pet to the veterinarian any time you see any signs of trouble. These big dogs are a big part of your lives and need to be cared for in the [&hellip

Strange Cat Calls! Kitten-cats-18565791-1024-768

Have you ever sat and watched your cat before? If you so might pick up on a few peculiar behavior traits of your cat and wonder why she does them! Cats can be pretty silly animals sometime, and they do a lot of things that are pretty hard to explain. However, there are some pretty [&hellip

Good Boys Heel! 200358462-001

Taking care of a dog can be a pretty dubious task for some dog owners. Obviously it heavily depends on the type of dog you have, your own personality, and the environment in which the dog will be living, but at the end of the day the responsibility of taking care of a dog is [&hellip

Heart Warming &... Heart Warming & Bone Chilling Dogs!

Dogs exist all over the world. They are said to be man’s best friend, but nothing is stopping any dog from being anybody’s best friend. They are extremely sociable animals that can be a ton of fun to have around, but because of their intelligent brains they make great pets. Of course there is a [&hellip

How To Become... How To Become A Dog Handler For Dog Shows

Have you ever been interested in the care of dogs, especially show dogs? Well maybe you have never thought of it before, but become a dog handler for dog shows is actually pretty easy! There’s definitely a process to it, but if you have the passion to handle some of the smartest breeds of dog [&hellip

Dogs: To Serve... Dogs: To Serve and Love Is Their Mission

Just about everyone loves to be around a dog and this is evident when one looks at the long list of interested law enforcement personnel who wish to be assigned to a K-9 unit. History shows that dogs have been used for law enforcement as early as the middle Ages. When Jack the Ripper was [&hellip

Guards Dogs: Trained... Guards Dogs: Trained To Perfection

Dogs are well known for their loyalty and companionship, and most are treated as members of our families. However, this was not always the case; dogs were originally kept as guardians of livestock and property, treated more as workers than family members. Dogs that are considered to be successful guard dogs are usually big in [&hellip

Big And Beautiful,... Big And Beautiful, That’s How We Like Em’

If you have the room for them, a large or giant breed dog can be a ton of fun as a family pet. Many larger breeds of dogs have been bred specifically as sporting or hunting dogs and as such require walks and playtime every day to keep them healthy. If you have the energy [&hellip

Some Dogs Are... Some Dogs Are Small But A Handful To Deal With

Cute, cuddly, smaller dogs are everywhere and with good reason; the housing bust has caused many who once lived in spacious homes with large yards to move into small apartments or condos with no yard at all. Living in a smaller space doesn’t take away a person’s need for canine companionship, so enter the small [&hellip

Feeling His Pain dog having pain

Pain is a personal thing, and when you see your canine friend in pain, you can almost feel it yourself. Whenever you have a throbbing headache, if you verbalize it, you will get help from family members, eager to ease your pain. It is not that easy for your dog, though, since he cannot verbalize [&hellip

Best Foods for... Mom-Dog-With-Puppies

Your new puppies get all of their necessary nutrition from their mothers. This means that when your mom dog is lactating, she is eating for five and sometimes more. She has high nutritional requirements during these times, as she is nursing her pups. Her intake of healthy food must reflect her needs. Nutritional Needs of [&hellip