Best Foods for... Mom-Dog-With-Puppies

Your new puppies get all of their necessary nutrition from their mothers. This means that when your mom dog is lactating, she is eating for five and sometimes more. She has high nutritional requirements during these times, as she is nursing her pups. Her intake of healthy food must reflect her needs. Nutritional Needs of [&hellip

Preventing Summer from... DOG-FOOD1

Your dog probably gives you woeful eyes when you are eating, and it is natural to want to share food with him. Some foods are safe to share with dogs, and some are not. The body of a dog depends mainly on protein from meat, but there are some fruits that are good for dogs, [&hellip

From cat purrs... Can-Dogs-Eat-Cat-Food

Chocolate should never be given to dogs as it is highly toxic for them, it can even be fatal. Dogs are unable to metabolise a chemical present in cocoa beans. This chemical is known as theobromine and although humans can metabolise this chemical easily it is a much slower process for dogs. Theobromine causes a [&hellip