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Have you ever sat and watched your cat before? If you so might pick up on a few peculiar behavior traits of your cat and wonder why she does them! Cats can be pretty silly animals sometime, and they do a lot of things that are pretty hard to explain. However, there are some pretty clear reasons as to why your cat is behaving the way she is. Here are some things to note:

If you have ever caught your cat trying to eat grass, you might be thinking that she is trying to tell your something. There are a wide array of possibilities as to why your cat is choosing to eat grass, the first of which is nothing more than just playful behavior. Maybe your cat is thinking of the grass as a toy, or something to hunt. Thus, making it a great target to pounce on and chew on. If your cat is actually consuming the grass though, that is another thing. Simply just chewing and playing with the grass could mean nothing, but the actual consumption might mean something a little more serious. Cats get fur balls (obviously); when they clean themselves they accidentally consume large amounts of their own hair. Their stomachs can’t digest it, so instead it builds up in their stomachs and, when it gets big enough, they hack it up into a packed ball of disgusting matter. Sometimes though, these fur balls are difficult to get out of their system, so they actually go to grass to help them out. Grass, just like hair, is not easily digestible and will prompt a reaction from the cat to hack it up. This basically acts as a catalyst for their own fur.

Another behavior that you might be curious about is the act of kneading. If you have ever witnessed your cat pick at something by pushing its claws in and out, tracting and retracting, then you are watching her “knead”. This is a very instinctual behavior that first takes place as a kitten. Kittens will knead as a signal to their mother during nourishment for milk. However, this behavior can continue and develop new purposes. The first of which is to mark territory. Cats will knead and even mark up a soft surface to show that it is theirs. There are glands in the paws that will secrete an almost sweat-like substance to mark it. Another reason for kneading is to show contentment. This act might be coupled with purring and is simply your cat saying that she is happy and feeling pleasure.