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Dogs exist all over the world. They are said to be man’s best friend, but nothing is stopping any dog from being anybody’s best friend. They are extremely sociable animals that can be a ton of fun to have around, but because of their intelligent brains they make great pets. Of course there is a difference between dogs all over the world. The dogs that live in the tundra are much different creatures than the ones we have in our homes.

The dogs that live in the tundra aren’t really even dogs, they are wolves. Tundra and arctic wolves can survive in temperatures that drop well below 0 degrees. Through centuries of evolution and adaptation, they have mastered ways on how to keep themselves warm. Over the course of time their legs have become shorter and their ears more rounded to carry more blood. Dogs with long skinny ears would not survive in the cold, because the tips of their ears wouldn’t get any blood, and would most likely freeze off. These dogs also have a very thick fur coat in addition to a warm undercoat that keeps them warm. All of these layers trap warmth and lead to their hard-fought survival in the harshest of climates.

This is why we must care for our dogs. The dogs that survive in the cold climate do so because they are made for it, but the dogs we have are not. They are reliant on someone taking care of them, so that is what we must do. Even some of the tallest dog breeds in the world, which might resemble that of a dog in the tundra, need our care to ensure survival. Great Danes for instance are the tallest dogs out there, but their long and skinny legs wouldn’t be able to survive in harsh climates despite being great hunters.

Always keep an eye on the temperatures outside and make sure that your dog doesn’t spend too long outside. Tons of dogs every winter are left outside for too long and can suffer from it. They aren’t made to be out in harsh climates like the tundra wolves, so if you truly care for your dogs, always make sure they are warm!

Heart Warming & Bone Chilling Dogs Credit Picture License: nino** via photopin cc