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Cute, cuddly, smaller dogs are everywhere and with good reason; the housing bust has caused many who once lived in spacious homes with large yards to move into small apartments or condos with no yard at all. Living in a smaller space doesn’t take away a person’s need for canine companionship, so enter the small or toy breed dog.

Some may think that smaller dogs are easier to deal with and in some respects they are right. A smaller dog eats less food, requires smaller toys, and even a visit to the veterinarian will usually cost less. One could say that a smaller dog costs less to keep than larger dog. A smaller canine will be easier to travel with as most pet friendly hotels have weight restrictions for animals.

However, that is where the ease of owning a smaller dog ends. Smaller dogs seem to have the Napoleon complex; when they see another dog that is larger than they are a smaller dog will tend to go bonkers, barking and tugging at their leash. It doesn’t seem to matter if the dog is well trained and usually behaves just fine around other dogs their size, when they see a larger dog they just completely lose their mind.

One breed of smaller dog is the Maltese, which is known for their silky soft coat that hardly ever sheds which is why they are termed “hypoallergenic” (technically there are no hypoallergenic dogs, there are just dogs that shed less than others). The Maltese is cute and cuddly, but doesn’t like to be left alone.

The Boston Terrier is a great dog for a family with children. They are full of energy and very intelligent, although they are known to be stubborn. They are also a breed that loves to chew, so many toys are required to keep them away from shoes; even with the toys it’s best to keep items out of their reach.

The Pomeranian hails from Germany and are cute little puff balls when they are puppies. Pom poms as they are affectionately called are a friendly breed, and can be easily trained due to their high intelligence. The Pomeranian is very protective and has a habit of barking excessively at noises and stimuli. They can also become very aggressive if not trained properly. A Pom pom should only be purchased by a reputable breeder as they can have several types of health issues.

The Chihuahua is a very popular dog, so much so that a person seeking one may have better luck at an animal shelter. The Chihuahua comes in both long and short haired varieties, and can be a loyal and affectionate companion. They do tend to bark quite a bit at other dogs, and they are not great in a household with small children as they are known for nipping at them.

If you’re a family that can deal with the barking and learn to train a smaller dog, they can be a very loyal and affectionate choice. A Miniature Schnauzer, a Shih Tzu, and the Yorkshire Terrier are all wonderful breeds that are playful, curious, full of energy and make great family pets.

Some Dogs Are Small But A Handful To Deal With Credit Picture License: MattysFlicks via photopin cc